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Hi Neighbor,


 Backyard Joe: Working on Zipline Launch Deck

Welcome to a site dedicated to all things that my kids consider Backyard Cool.

My name is Joe…have a wife named Sue.  My qualifications are simple:

  • I have 3 kids – 1 out of school, twin daughters 13
  • Kid #4 – its Me
  • Favorite leisure activity – projects  in the backyard
  • Why?  Because I like overhearing:
    Let’s go to your house.  You have a lot more fun things to do there.
  • If my wife really knew…how much I actually spend on these projects?   Priceless reaction.
  • In my defense…I get to wear an invisible Cool Dad tag at all times.  Beat that!

So…check out –> My Review of what I consider to be an excellent starter zipline that lights up at night!

If you have older kids/teens or are looking for a bit more robust adventure, then the Sleadd Taurus (250) might be a better fit.  You can READ MORE on this model here.

‘Backyard’ Joe