Need Zipline Upgrade?

Sleadd Taurus (250) Zipline Kit – For Serious Zippers

2016-10-10_19-58-11(Appropriate for all Ages)

The Sleadd
 brand means serious zipline equipment for more rugged backyard adventures.

Zip Line Gear™ out of Grants Pass, OR has been putting quality gear out for more than 10 years.  Their reputation for quality in this sector is well-known.

While Slackers makes good beginner ziplines, Sleadd takes it to another level.

Excellent Upgrades

In the Slackers Night Riderz Zipline Review, Backyard Joe mentions several upgrades he made to his zipline.  Sleadd includes several of these in the Taurus zipline kit.

  • Includes premium trolley with stainless steel wheels, easy rubber grip handles, front db_file_img_1758_470x352bumper block and eye to easily attach accessories.
  • Includes adjustable harness, lanyard and carabiner easily attaches to the eye of the trolley.
  • Appropriate for children and adults up to 350 lbs.
  • Stop Block provides a stable end for the trolley to come to a resting stop.

Enhanced Thrill Factor

  • SLEADD™Taurus (250) Zip Line Trolley is built with green anodized aluminum side plates, handlebars with sturdy rubber grips, and stainless dual ball-bearing wheels and a front bumper –
  • 260 feet of 5/16″ galvanized aircraft cable
  • Revolutionary, reversible SLEADD In-Line Tensioner with Tri-Link™ for an install process that can be as short as 30 minutes
  • Forged fist grips and cable clamps secure the line using an adjustable cable sling making attachment to trees up to 3 feet wide a simple task
  • All the wrenches and tools needed to build your SLEADD™250 Zip Line Kit are included with full Instruction Manuals
  • The SLEADD™Taurus (250) Zip Line Kit is suitable for both kids and adults, with a weight limit of 350 pounds!

Sleadd Installation Video

Watch Here


SLEADD Tri-Link…very slick tool

The SLEADD Tri-Link is a device is used as a load transfer point for the zip line tensioner.

The Tri-Link is designed with three distinct connection points.2016-10-13_11-41-54

  • One point is designated for attaching the In-Line Tensioner
  • Another point is used for connecting the anchor hardware, an adjustable cable sling
  • Final connection point is delivered with a pre-attached aircraft cable for use in transferring the load of the zip line tension after it has been tightened.

How does it work?

The process is simple.

  1. Connect the In-Line Tensioner to the Tri-Link at its designed connection point.
  2. Attach the adjustable cable sling to the Tri-Link after running the cable around the anchor point and securing it at the appropriate height.
  3. Once all points are secure, tighten the zip line using the In-Line Tensioner
  4. After tightening the SLEADD Zip Line, transfer the tension to the Tri-Link, and off of the In-Line Tensioner, by connecting the “tree cable” to the zip line cable via the four Fist Grips.

10 minutes or less–> cable is tightened and your done 


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